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Streamlined user Interface

AppOcean provides users and developers with an easy-to-use and streamlined user interface. This enables users to find the app they want easily without modifying vast settings. Just start AppOcean and you know how to use it. And if you get lost anyway, the instant help and the useful assistant can help you everywhere.

Support for all OSs


AppOcean is written in Java, which enables it to run anywhere. Whether you have Mac OS, Windows, Linux or any other common OS, you can use AppOcean. This means you do not have to create accounts for every per-platform store, and you don't have to pay your apps twice, but you just install AppOcean everywhere and you're ready!

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Easy payment

By integrating PayPal, the process of paying is really easy. Just click the button in the AppOcean, log in with your PayPal account and transfer money to your AppOcean-Account. This makes it easy for users to get the app they want and also easy for developers who want to earn money.

Streamlined user interface

When we designed the user interface of AppOcean, we always thought of the users point of view - where would the user expect this option to be? By asking this question when placing all controls and labels, we created a user interface which is really easy to use, intuitive and yet straightforward.

Appcenter screenshot

Appcenter screenshot

Ease of use - Powerful

AppOceans user interface is easy-to-use, but nonetheless powerful! All features and options you need - exactly at the place where you would expect it to be.

Individual app pages - Familar design

Every app available in AppOcean is presented individually - exactly as the publisher wants it to be. Not only that every app has its own images and descriptions. Publishers can even provide custom presentation colors for their apps to present them in a new, attractive way. Nonetheless, the design is familar and users always know where to find a feature currently needed.

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Available everywhere - No need to create 20 different accounts

AppOcean is available on all of your devices - whether they run Windows, Mac OS or Linux. We are also working hard to transfer AppOcean to Android. This means, you do not have to create different account for each per-platform store. Just create a single AppOcean account and use it everywhere.

Support for all OSs

Support for all OSs

Buy once - use everywhere

When you purchased an app in AppOcean you may use it on all your devices. This means you can purchase an app on your Windows PC and you do not have to worry about paying for it again when you want to install it on your Mac. AppOcean provides a real "buy once - use everywhere" experience.

Pay once - reach everyone

Developers currently have to submit their apps to several stores - each for one platform. AppOcean will change this: When developers publish their app in AppOcean, they do not have to pay developer fees multiple times. AppOcean is made for every platform and therefore you can reach everyone through a single store.


PayPal - The easiest way to pay

By integrating PayPal, we enable the easiest and most secure way of online payments. Trasferring money to your account is done securely in less than one minute. With AppOcean, your favorite apps are just a few clicks away!

easy payment

easy payment

One transaction - multiple apps

To transfer money to your AppOcean account, you simply pay via Paypal. When the transfer is done, the money is available on your account and you can use it to buy apps or in-app-purchases. This way, you do not have to care about many Paypal transactions and you cannot make debts.

New platform for users and developers

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